The Team

Martyn Holdsworth Managing Director

As a designer, I am passionate about the detail. I have been in the design field my whole career and as such I strive for perfection at all times. So when I founded Holdsworth Designs it was crucial to me that we achieved excellent customer service as well as imaginative and interactive designs.  I am delighted that we have happy clients who come back year after year.

I thoroughly enjoy want I do and the challenges from each of our clients – no job is ever the same but they all have a similar goal of getting sales and marketing success for their company and I feel we play a big part of this.

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Martyn Holdsworth

Greg Diprose General Manager

I have a reputation for creativity and organisation, which are key skills in project management. I understand what the client wants and needs and so deliver imaginative and interactive designs to meet these.

Dealing with a varied client base, I have extensive knowledge of different client products and services, and the best ways to display and execute them.  I have developed great client relationships that have resulted in many successful events.

Greg Diprose

Jon Shrimpton Project Manager

Creativity and communication are the key skills that I use in my role as Project Manager.  I excel in using render programs, such as Vectorworks and Artlantis, to design creative and striking exhibition stands for our clients, so they can visualise what their stand will look like.

I project manage jobs from the initial designs right through to the build of the stand and really enjoy liaising with clients to ensure that they are happy or if I feel something could work better, suggesting different approaches and techniques.

Jade Pluck Business Development Manager

I am passionate about building relationships to grow a business. I have been working with Holdsworth Designs since 2011 and in 2014 I took on a more active role within the business. I also have my own company; LinkedIn to Success.

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Jade Pluck

Ollie Smith

Junior Project Manager

I recently graduated in Graphic Design and being part of the HDL team is enabling me to put my design skills into practice. My passion is to come up with ideas on how to deal with situations in design and this is really helping me as I work with our clients.

I work closely with the Project Managers on the jobs with design aspects as well as collating and installing their stands in the UK and Europe.

Steve Diprose

Exhibition Builder & Installer

My key expertise is building the stands.  What I construct will represent the client so it is vital that it is finished to perfection to ensure that the client is happy.  I’m also responsible for making sure that stands are taken down carefully, then cleaned and stored (with no components missing) ready for their next use.